Waikiki Pearl Dvlp Corp dba Queens Realty

About Us

Queen’s Realty is a real estate investment and management company that has been doing
business in Honolulu since 1981. Our management team has accumulated over 80 years of real
estate leasing and sales experience. Our current portfolio includes over 250 residential units and
10 commercial units. In the past we have operated in multiple states but in 2012 we decided to
return to our roots and focus our attention entirely to serving the Honolulu area.

Our mission at Queen’s Realty is to provide quality living options at an affordable price. All of
our properties are well maintained and inspected by our property managers on a regular schedule
and we make it a priority to respond to maintenance requests promptly.

Our vision for the future includes adding new buildings to our portfolio and investing in clean
energy solutions for our entire portfolio.